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Venue Styling

Styling your event can be great fun, especially these days, with so much choice out there. You can base event styling on colour themes, activities, genres, anything that you can imagine is possible these days. But if you need a helping hand we are here. There are a million and one things you can add to an event to bring it all together and inject some life and fun. We have listed a few things that you could add to your event to give it a little extra touch. Although we have only listed a few items here, if you have something in mind that you really want, get in touch and we can help source it if we don't have it in stock.

flowers decoration

There are several stages to wedding planning and not everyone needs help with everything. We have developed some packages from our experience which we feel would be most helpful to our brides and grooms. We can take the stress of trying to find the perfect suppliers away from you. You tell us what 4 products/services you need and we will find you an ideal company to meet your requirements. Supplier sourcing price £95 for 4 products/services, additional sourcing is £20 per product/service.


We make sure all your suppliers are where they should be and have delivered exactly what you expect. We check the venue is exactly to your requirements, and sort out any little hiccups that may happen on the day. It's your day to enjoy, not to worry over little things. We usually take over 8-12 weeks before your wedding. This is usually the time all the final pieces need slotting into place, final payments are being made, etc. We can come in and organise everything on the run up to the big day. We will ensure the suppliers know what time to get there, how you want things arranging, and we are the first port of call if any little situations arise.


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