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Cakes & Sweets

The standard sweet table has evolved and now it incorporates cakes too. Ideal if you need a sweet selection to go with your evening buffet, or if you just want to treat your guests to an extra sweet sensation. We have everything from chocolate hearts in Organza bags, ideal as a wedding favour to cellophane cones filled with jellies & candy, perfect for kids parties. We work with some amazing bakers who can help you create an amazing and delicious cake for your event. We can help with everything from a traditional iced cake, consisting of multiple layers, or a lovely rustic sponge covered in fruit and buttercream.

sweets for candy bar

We offer unlimited email support and regular face to face meetings, Christina Jane Events wants you to feel both relaxed and in control. Every wedding is different, and budgets do vary, however our price stays the same whatever happens. The cakes in the pictures above are just a few samples, our bakers can work with you to create a perfect cake for you, both within your budget and tasting and looking amazing.All our bakers are all licensed and have all the relevant hygiene certificates.


This covers all aspects of your event from the initial meeting right through to the important de-breif meeting once your event is completed. We offer a free consultation meeting so you can get to know your event organiser and they can understand what you expect of them. We control everything, however all the decisions are yours. It will always be your event, we are just there to make sure it's exactly what you want. Christina Jane Events will have regular meetings with you and will provide regular reports of what has been arranged, what is still outstanding, etc. After the initial meeting a timeline of when things need to be paid will be set up and amended throughout the preparation stages so you can keep a close eye on your budget.


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